• Gem Cutting

    All gemstones are cut to an exacting standard on an Ultra Tec Machine. Whilst I do not cut other peoples rough, I am willing to work on projects utilizing rough from stock.

  • Shipping

    I am located in Australia.  Upon reciept of an order I will organise quotes for shipping and insurance and get back to you with firm prices.  

  • Pricing

    Pricing on this site is strictly wholesale and is intended for industry members.  All pricing is in USD.

  • Purchasing

    If you are interested in purchasing a stone then please contact me by using the form on the ‘Contact Us’ tab of the website. From there I will reply to any questions that you have about the stone to ensure that it is the stone you are looking for and discuss shipping and insurance options that are available to you.  Payments will be accepted by PayPal and direct deposit only. Only once payment has been received will the desired item be shipped.

  • Certification

    Because of the significant cost of certification, I do not routinely have my stones certified. If you find that a stone supplied by me is not of the quality claimed or has been misrepresented in any way, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • Returns

    My main concern is that each customer is satisfied with their order. Therefore, I provide a one week inspection period in which time you may simply return your stone for a refund (minus shipping costs) in the event that the stone is just not what you were expecting.  Stones that have been damaged in any way may not be returned.

  • Gem selection and design

    If you are unsure of what gemstone you need or would like I would be happy to assist you in selecting the correct gemstone for your purchase. If you are looking for a truly unique stone then a unique design can be created for this purpose.