28th August 2016

My photography and updating is far behind my cutting.  Today I have cleaned shop on the website, removing all stones that were not in the updated photo format and any stones that I did not believe were of sufficient quality to be classed as fine.  I have been trying to some more sapphire and you will notice that we now have some sapphires in stock.

Recently I have acquired some copper bearing tourmaline and mambilla sapphire which I will be cutting and putting up over the coming months.


9th February 2016

I have been cutting steadily over the past few months with very few updates so now I have a backlog of stones to update.  Below are a few of the stones that I will be adding to the pages. 

I will post each stone on here as I add it to the pages.


15th October 2015

I have been very busy cutting but have not had a chance to update so expect a number of updates in the coming two months.  Also, I am about halfway through updating the photos on the site to the newer format, it is taking longer than anticipated so please bear with me.  Tonights update is to let everyone know that I have recently had a chance to benchmark against current wholesale pricing and as a result I will be adjusting the prices of stones on the website over the coming two weeks, some stones will be staying at the same price and some will be increasing in price so now is your chance to get stones at current prices before the adjustment. Thanks.


26th July 2015

Some sections of the site have now been updated with the new format photos.  There is some variation in background light due to only shooting in natural daylight which has some variation from morning to afternoon and with differing weather conditions.  I expect over the 2 months the transition will be completed.

Tonight I have two new stones for the site and one stone which has turned out to be unique and is not for sale at this point in time.

The two new stones are a pakistani aquamarine and an afghan tourmaline.


Lastly I have a yellow beryl with interesting bar inclusions which is not for sale at this point.  I have quite a large parcel of this material and the bars are somewhat common.  I expect after this stone I will experimenting with the material a lot and should hopefully post some similar stones to the page over time.


13th July 2015

I am busy taking photos of all the stones on the website as we have recently upgraded to a mobile friendly version and the old photos have too low a resolution to look good on a PC.  In addition a lot of the old photos were on different backgrounds with different lighting and I would like to get the images consistent acros the site.  So over the next month expect to see all of the old photos replaced by newer ones.

On that note I have three new stones tonight, two pastel afghan tourmalines and a pink spinel.  All three stones are shot in the new format.

Pastel Pink Afghan Tourmaline

Pastel Green Afghan Tourmaline

Pink Tajik Spinel


12th April 2015

I have relocated back to Australia which has been keeping me busy and is the main reason why the site has not been updated for some time. I have been cutting, though less than I would like and I am planning to update the site for the new stock in the coming month. In the meantime I have done a review of my cut stones and have decided that some inspire to much in me to sell, these have been marked NFS but I have kept them up for interest.


14th May 2014

I have been shopping for more rubellite rough this week and I was surprised at the price of the rough that is now available. Unfortunately I have had to adjust some of the prices of my cut stones to take into account the likely price of rough going forwards.

Tonight I have 2 stones to post. A rich purple rubellite and a bright medium pink Tajik spinel. Both stones are nice, but the spinel is really exceptional. Enjoy.


28th April 2014

I have two new stones to post tonight. The first is a 2:1 lozenge in yellow beryl. I personally love yellow stones, especially set in any white metal. Yellow also presents very good value for money as in most cases the carat price for yellow stones is lower than other colours. The second stone is a dark blue square tourmaline.

Yellow Beryl 006Tourmaline 046


10th March 2014

It has been very, very wet here ever since getting back from Melbourne. The weather has me attracted to greens and blues for some reason. Today I am posting a rather large aquamarine and a smaller tourmaline from a parcel with amazing seafoam blue green colours.

Marquise AquamarineSeafoam tourmaline


18th February 2014

I have been away from updating the site for a while due to starting up a business in a nearby town for the last half of 2013. But I am back now and cutting again.

Over Christmas I travelled back to my home town Melbourne where I had a chance to dig at a local spot for some tourmaline and topaz. Some of my finds are below, nothing for cutting but fun all the same.

Topaz and Tourmaline Wombat Creek

Tonight I am posting 2 stones - a very green demantoid garnet that splits light and sparkles more than any stone I have seen and a medium blue aquamarine.

Demantoid GarnetMedium Blue Aquamarine

Remember to check back for more updates, I will be updating at least fortnightly from now on.


20th May 2013

Today I have posted some new green tourmaline, red tourmaline, aquamarine, spinel and peridot. I seem to be getting closer to getting a consistent photo and may be redoing some of my old pics in the months to come. I have some other new stones that I have yet to photo graph.

In addition to that I have received some photos of one of my stones newly set by Sirkel Jewellery which I thought I might add to the customer gallery in addition to the sold stone.


12th May 2013

I have been busy cutting some spinel, demantoid, aquamarine and some larger tourmalines which will be posted very soon. I am happy to say that the website is finally up and running and I welcome you all to enjoy my work and maybe purchase some pieces. In the meantime I have added some sold pieces to the customer gallery.

I will try to update the site on a monthly basis initially so remember to continue visiting for new offers.

In the next month I am planning to cut some large aqumarines, some more spinel, garnet and some smaller but very richly coloured tourmaline from Namibia and Afghanistan. Until then.